Company Logos

Fujitsu Computer Products of America Inc

Senior Software Engineer

2013 - Present

Key Achievements:
• Develop partner integrations, proof of concepts and pre-sales demonstrations. Gather scope and project requirements from project managers. Develop proof on concepts applications based on partner’s user stories or requirements. Provide technical solutions for sales engineers and business development team during pre-sales engagements. Train and support partner with scanner SDK for partner integration into their software and system.

• Lead in development of ASP.MVC web scanning application that utilizes SignalR, webhooks to capture documents from scanner into server. SignalR used for updating document scanning status received by webhooks to web pages.

• Developed mobile scanning application using Xamarin and scanner server REST API. Mobile application controls document scanning from scanner and previews scanned images from server on mobile device.

• Designed, architected and developed connector application from scanning server to cloud storage providers using providers REST API’s. Connector application includes OAuth2 authentication login, exception handling and upload throttling. Application database CRUD using Entity Framework’s Code First from database.

• Developed web application using websockets to enable communication between scanner device inside a firewall with web servers on the cloud and Azure hosted based application. Images and commands from the scanner communicate through the websocket to the server.

• Contributed in the development of Azure cloud application for managing scanned documents. Cloud application utilized Azure web roles and worker roles for document management in the system.